I’ve used a lot of different skincare brands over the years. Some were on the budget friendly side... and others on the very pricey side (where I used to fib about the prices to my hubby 🤭).

My skin never really fell in love with any of the products, that’s why I always changed my routine and the brands I used. After doing my own research on skincare products, I was overwhelmed with the amount of chemicals and ingredients (words I couldn’t even pronounce), that were added to almost every beauty product that I was using daily.

I’m in my mid 30’s and I’m consciously trying to be kinder to my skin, the environment and being mindful of waste. We have 2 beautiful Labradors, Cairo, age 7, and Venice, age 4, so everything we use has to be animal cruelty free. With that in mind, I thought there had to be a better way for my skin, taking into account the harmful environmental impact of chemicals, plastics and animal cruelty free factors. I only use vegan and natural ingredients, so the products are inclusive of everyone.

Friends and family were the test subjects and, the feedback and reviews I received was helpful in perfecting my products for the market. All our products are infused with crystals. Not only are they beautiful but, more importantly we included crystals for their healing abilities and benefits. I’m learning as I create & grow, and this is probably the most fun part of this amazing journey ♥